About Us

Mission Statement:

Pivot LifeWear is an outdoor streetwear brand that promotes the advancement of life and success for all of our customers. Pivot pledges to keep the environment first in all our endeavors. We also pledge to keep above average quality and technology in our products which guarantees complete satisfaction in all aspects of life. Our logo "Mount Pivot" is slanted forward in which symbolize that no matter what life moves forward and once you reach the peak of success you have reached Mount Pivot. Our brand was created to help motivate people to focus on the future and the success of life.

Brand Goal:

To create awareness in the streetwear world about the drastic changes of the environment due to today’s technology. Also we would like to create this way of thinking to be seen as “cool” in the eyes of the fashion/streetwear world.


For all business inquiries:

Pivot Lifewear Inc.